Profiles and Portraits : African Americans in Niles' Past, Present, and Future
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Special Tribute certificate honoring Lottie Wilson's induction into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. Certificate issued by the State of Michigan on November 10, 2016 and presented to Pat Gresham, ancestor of Lottie Wilson, on January 30, 2017.

Certificate reads "LET IT BE KNOWN, That it is with great pride in her accomplishments, that we recognize Lottie Wilson of Niles as she is inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. Surely, all that she has done over the years to strengthen our local community is worthy of such high praise and recognition.

Lottie was both a talented artist as well as a trailblazer for women's equality and civil rights issues. She hosted many talks advocating for women's issues, with a special emphasis on African American women's rights. Moreover, Lottie is responsible for creating the historic painting "President Lincoln with a Former Slave," depicting a powerful moment between President Lincoln and Sojourner Truth. In addition to being the the first—known African American artist to have work displayed in the White House, Wilson was the first African American woman to graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Certainly, this honor is something that her family and all of Southwest Michigan can take great pride in.

IN SPECIAL TRIBUTE, Therefore, This document is signed and dedicated to commend Lottie Wilson as she is inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. May our community continue to benefit from her work for many years to come."

The certificate is signed by: John Proos, State Senator the Twenty—First District; Dave Pagel, State Representative the Seventy—Eighth District; Fred Upton, Congressman the Sixth District; Rick Snyder, Governor
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Special Tribute certificate honoring Lottie Wilson